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Rani laxmi Bai Educational Trust come to existance in  2013 with inspiration from  Shri Jawahar lal Gupta. our hounorable M.D.( ACC Group of Institutes ) and Chairman ( Rani Laxmi Bai Trust. feel need of an effort for less priviledged part of society empowerment. He feels many people want to take part in efforts to help poor and needy peoples but they dont have right plateform for this. They want to donate funds and help with different resouces but they need a reliable and trustful institution for that. So he establish Rani Laxmi bai Educational Trust with some like minded people that help Poor Boys and Girls to Complete their Academic and Vocational Education for free and give them a chance to make an stand in society. 

Donation to our trust get Exemption from Income Tax Under Section 80G Wide Letter No. DIT (e):2014-15/ DEL-RE 25598-07102014/5622 Dated 07-10-2014

The true purpose of life is to realize the 'Self' which will enable us to unleash the power within us for the betterment of everyone and everything in the Universe!  By asking ourselves “What will my life stand for after I depart this planet for good?” and “What legacy am I leaving behind for the future generations to know that I have lived?” we will have a better sense of direction in our life.  Though there is a Mahatma Gandhi or a Mother Teresa in each and every one of us, the natural design of life does not expect everyone to live a life of sacrifice.  But we all have a certain obligation to give back to the Universe from which we take so much.  Patanjali, a renowned ancient Saint from India said “Reducing the personal needs and living a life that is useful to others is a form of Tapas (Meditation) through which one can realize God within”.  Modern day personalities such as Mark Twain said “Live out your life in such a way that even the undertaker cries at your funeral” and Leo Tolstoy said “We live for ourselves only when we live for others”.  These profound teachings from these great souls make one thing crystal clear – that we have to show compassion to those who are less fortunate than us and do our part to better the lives of those around us.
Despite the fact that our Mother Earth continues to produce noble souls amongst us, the unrest in the world is ever on the rise, making it a not so safe place to live and we can't go to any other planet, just not yet!  So, let us make it a point in our life to give back to the world to make it a more peaceful place to live and pray that this positive vibration radiate throughout the Universe.  And here is a perfect opportunity to connect with the right people to do your part

Rani Laxmi Bai Educational Trust

Our Vision:
The Trust aims to become "Shining Star To Guide People" by promoting the means so everyone and everything that we can and cannot see may live a life filled with peace and prosperity!

Our Mission:

The Trust works diligently in the following areas:

  • Run Value Education Centers to provide the vital missing piece in the modern education system – Values of Life.  Apart from helping children with their school studies, the centers teach the children discipline, hygiene, meditation, yoga and moral values through stories. Also, the children are taught to accept and respect our differences in the community to build unity in diversity thereby paving the way to a peaceful future.​

  • Deliver Motivational Lectures for children, youth and adults to awaken them to much higher things in life so they don’t waste time in watching television, getting into petty fights and so on.   We firmly believe that there is an immense amount of spiritual energy in each and every one of us and our goal is to awaken that inner strength to help them fulfill their true purpose of life.

  • Work towards restoration and preservation of “traditions and culture” as defined in the ancient scriptures.

  • Take quality education to children of the poor and needy, mainly in the rural areas.

  • Teach hygiene practices such as keeping clean surroundings, proper collection and removal of trash, maintenance of toilets etc. and make our contribution for a clean environment.

  • Provide some financial support for those in need of medical assistance, wheelchair/other-accessory assistance for the physically challenged, school fees, and/or exam fees, uniforms, learning aids for needy/deserving children etc.

  • Toilet construction where there is a need to eradicate defecating in public.

  • Make our contribution towards abolition of child labor.

  • Make our contribution towards eradicating poverty and hunger.

  • Nature conservation projects (tree planting, removal of plastics, organic farming etc.)

  • Rehabilitate children/adults who resort to begging while being physically fit to study/work.

  • Provide care and support for aged destitutes and orphans.

  • Provide support in whatever possible manner during natural disasters.

Projects are subject to needs and availability of funds and other resources.  Projects are tailored to fit with the environment respecting the local traditions, culture and religious practices.

Our Driving Principles:

The Trust strictly adheres to the following principles to fulfill the mission​

  • Honesty and Integrity is our Life and Soul.

  • Our word is our bond.

  • Our commitment to the suffering masses of the world.

  • Our passion combined with undeterred perseverance to uplift humanity.

  • Uncompromising quality in our services.

  • Zero tolerance to discrimination based on religion, caste, color, creed and nationality.

  • Clear comprehension of the sense of duty to self, family and to the society.